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postheadericon How to stop Arthritis pain with alternative medicine?

arthritis alternative medicine

arthritis alternative medicine

Arthritis means inflammation of the joints and it is accompanied by swelling and pain. Use of splints and arthritis devices. With the use of proper arthritis devices, the joints will be protected, the pain will be reduced and your everyday life will be easier. It is important to practice stretching to relieve stiffness, relieve fatigue and to stop arthritis pain naturally.

Acupuncture is alternative medicine. There are people who found relief in natural remedies like acupuncture. This is a method done by professional and licensed acupuncture therapist to help sufferers stop arthritis pain naturally. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon How to resolve Diabetes with alternative medicine?


diabetes mellitus

Basically diabetes is a health condition when there is increased level of glucose in the blood. This happens when our body cannot metabolize glucose naturally and the amount of glucose that we take accumulates in the blood increasing the glucose level. Increased level of glucose in blood for sustained period of time damages other organs like eyes, kidneys and heart. Moreover, it is also seen that people who are suffering from diabetes feel increased craving for sugar that further worsens the situation. For treating diabetes we need to take care of both the factors. We need to lower the level of sugar in blood by helping in glucose metabolism with supplements and lower the sugar craving.

One way to resolve diabetes is use alternative medicine. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon How to anticipate Asthma?



With the onset of winter and cold weather conditions, asthma sufferers should ensure that they are well prepared and take extra care throughout the colder winter months. Asthma symptoms are often made worse if you catch a cold or flu and we also see a marked increase in hospital admissions for asthma sufferers when the temperature goes down. However, if you take extra care and manage your asthma condition properly you should be able to withstand the rigours of the winter weather and the associated asthma symptoms and thus avoid a full-blown asthma attack.

Living with asthma may not be the easiest thing for anyone to live with, regardless of their age. For a lot of asthmatics, understanding what triggers an attack is how they are able to keep such great control over this illness. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Control weight loss with Thyroid problem

The thyroid is a small, butterfly shaped gland in the front neck. It creates and secretes hormones that control the way the body uses energy. Part of the way the thyroid controls the body’s use of energy is through the regulation of the metabolism. Metabolism, in the simplest terms, is the rate of how quickly oxygen is used in the body. People with underactive thyroids often have problems with their metabolism, weight, cholesterol regulation and body temperature.



Problems with the thyroid can affect people of all ages, but are more common in adults and women over 60. People with a family history of thyroid problems also have increased likelihood to developing issues. If you have been diagnosed with thyroid disease for any length of time and have had a problem with your weight, then you have probably heard that it is harder for thyroid patients to lose weight. Another important piece of information is that you need to make adjustments during your weight loss.

Alternative therapy to medicine and to solve a thyroid problem is control the weight loss. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Turmeric can cure Cancer and Diabetes

turmeric alternative medicine

turmeric alternative medicine

Turmeric plant is often used as a spice in food and alternative medicine. Although based on scientific research, turmeric contains curcumin proved which efficacious as antitumor, antimicrobial, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. ¬†Faculty of Pharmacy, Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta expand curcumin into new molecules, it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and can be exploited for cancer therapy. “There are 100 new molecules that we found, eight of which have been patented,” said researchers from the Faculty of Pharmacy UGM, Supardjan.

Read the rest of this entry »

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